Incubator Dividers

I don’t know about you, but I can’t just focus on one breed of chicken at a time.  So it’s always a mess when I start incubating eggs trying to figure out which chick is which.  So today I decided to make some boxes for my incubator to keep them separate as they hatch.  Like this:

IMG_0342 IMG_0353

I made two different versions of these boxes; one with plastic lanyard string and one with yarn.  I think the lanyard string will be much easier to keep clean, but the yarn box was definitely easier to make.


Here’s what you need to make these:



Lanyard string, yarn, or some other kind of binder (I thought wire might work well too)


Measuring tape


Plastic canvas

Plastic canvas needles (only if you use yarn, they didn’t work for me using the lanyard string)


The first thing you want to do is measure the inside of your incubator.  Be sure you measure to the bottom of the heating element and leave some room.  Then, measure and mark your pieces.  You will need a top and bottom and four sides.  I found it’s easier if your base and top are square, because then all your sides are the same size.




Once you have your pieces measured, cut them.



You should have something like this:




Next, attach your side piece to the base.  I started with a double-knot, but I’m sure there are better knots to use.



Attach the base to all the sides.



Then, attach the sides and the lid (I just attached the lid on one side).  Tada!  It’s not beautiful but I think it will do the job.  Here is the finished product:




I put this right into my incubator, making sure it was clear of the heating element, and put a few eggs in it.

IMG_0346 IMG_0348 IMG_0349


I made another one using the same steps, but with yarn.  The yarn was much easier to work with, and I think the knots will last better.  Only time will tell.  Here’s how that one turned out:




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